Anime Thirty Six Cavalry [San Shi Liu Qi] English Subbed Full Episode

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NameAnime Thirty Six Cavalry [San Shi Liu Qi] English Subbed Full Episode
GenreAnime Chinese Anime
PublisherTop 1 IQ
Duration23 Min Per Episode
RatePG-07 - Teens 07 Or Older
TypeONA (Chinese)
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Information About Anime Thirty Six Cavalry [San Shi Liu Qi] English Subbed Full Episode

Thirty Six Cavalry [San Shi Liu Qi]
Embark on an Epic Journey with the 'Thirty Six Cavalry'. Step into the historical world of Emperor Hanming's reign, where the destiny of siblings Ban Chao and Ban Zhao takes center stage. Their lives are forever changed when their elder brother shoulders the blame for their father's actions, leading them to journey to Luoyang. It is there that Ban Chao's cunning strategies not only save his brother but also ignite a tumultuous event at the Youyetai. Their daring exploits catch the attention of Emperor Han, who entrusts them with the bronze Yan seal, a symbol of their mission to the Western Regions. Ban Chao wastes no time in assembling a remarkable team to accompany them on this perilous journey. Together with General Dou Gu, they face the formidable Battle of Yiwu, marking the beginning of their extraordinary adventure.
As the dust settles, the Thirty-Six Riders, a group of exceptional individuals, part ways with General Dou Gu's army at Yiwu. While the main Han forces march northward, determined to conquer cities and breach fortifications, the Thirty-Six Riders take a different path, heading south to engage in diplomatic negotiations and intricate plots with various factions. Discover the captivating saga of 'Thirty-Six Cavalry,' where alliances are forged, secrets are unveiled, and destinies are intertwined. Experience the historical drama, strategic brilliance, and epic conflicts that shape the fate of these remarkable characters. Join us in this immersive journey through ancient China and witness the daring exploits of the Thirty-Six Riders as they navigate a world filled with political intrigue, alliances, and the pursuit of power. Watch full Online-1080p: 三十六骑 – Thirty Six Cavalry – Sanshi Li Ji – 36 Riders – Thirty-six Riders – All Episode English sub – chinese anime donghua 2023 on

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