Anime The Invincible [Shi Fang Wu Sheng] English Subbed Full Episode

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NameAnime The Invincible [Shi Fang Wu Sheng] English Subbed Full Episode
GenreAnime Chinese Anime
PublisherTop 1 IQ
Duration23 Min Per Episode
RatePG-07 - Teens 07 Or Older
TypeONA (Chinese)
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Information About Anime The Invincible [Shi Fang Wu Sheng] English Subbed Full Episode

Synopsis The Invincible (Shi Fang Wu Sheng)
Summary 1:- The world was in disarray and the people were in grave difficulties in the desolation of Doomsday, the third year of King Shizong’s rule. The Demon Gate Demon Party lurks in the shadows, wreaking havoc. The gangs attack each other, causing mayhem. Various sects developed one after the other in the pandemonium, battling for resources and territory and establishing their own control. There are ambitious people who want to rule the globe and create a dynasty, and there are good people who wish to help the common people. Wei He carries the realm-breaking bead, which allows him to travel through tumultuous periods and construct his own mythology step by step.
Summary 2:- In the third year of the reign of Emperor Shizong, the world is in chaos and it’s so hard for the people to make a living. The central royal government collapses, triggering the division of regions and the establishment of independent powerful groups. Demonic sects and groups mess around secretly and different gangs fight each other. Besides, there’re repeated natural disasters, and the people struggle for hopes and salvation. Various sects and schools have been established and they fight for resources and territory and the establishment of their own rules. People with ambitions strive to control the entire world and establish a dynasty of their own. There’re also righteous men who try to save the ordinary people. Wei He has a pearl that can break through different realms and help him travel through the chaotic world and create his own legend step by step.

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