Anime I Am The Blade Master 2024 [Wo Wei Dao Zong] English Subbed Full Episode

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NameAnime I Am The Blade Master 2024 [Wo Wei Dao Zong] English Subbed Full Episode
GenreAnime Chinese Anime
PublisherTop 1 IQ
Duration23 Min Per Episode
RatePG-07 - Teens 07 Or Older
TypeONA (Chinese)
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Information About Anime I Am The Blade Master 2024 [Wo Wei Dao Zong] English Subbed Full Episode

Amidst a web of conspiracy, the supreme swordsman of the martial arts world meets his untimely demise. With the leaders of major gangs either slain or imprisoned, chaos grips the land. In a bid to restore order, Yan Jiyu, head of the Tingyun Academy, seeks to establish a new martial arts order under his leadership, branded as "righteous."
Meanwhile, a fledgling martial artist named Yang Ren is entrusted with a crucial task—to deliver a letter left by the Sword Sect. Along his perilous journey, he faces formidable enemies and constant danger. Yet, fueled by his passion and sense of justice, he relentlessly hones his skills and defeats his adversaries. Along the way, he encounters a band of like-minded individuals, united by their commitment to honor and righteousness.
As Yang Ren's martial prowess grows, he begins to question the true nature of the martial arts world. What should Jianghu, the realm of martial artists, truly embody? While Yan Jiyu seeks to impose his vision, Yang Ren stands firm in his belief that true justice lies elsewhere.
Raising the banner of the "Chengfeng Gang," Yang Ren swiftly gathers allies who oppose Yan Jiyu's hegemony. The stage is set for a monumental conflict, where alliances will be tested and loyalties will be forged in the heat of battle.
With the passing of the old guard, a new era dawns—one where the fate of Jianghu hangs in the balance, awaiting the rise of a new generation of martial arts masters. In the face of uncertainty, Yang Ren and his allies stand ready to carve their own destinies and reshape the martial arts world as they see fit. Watch online full : 我为刀宗 – I'm The Blade Master – Wo Wei Dao Zong – chinese anime, donghua 2024 on

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