Anime Blader Soul [Bu Xing Si: Yuan Qi] English Subbed Full Episode

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NameAnime Blader Soul [Bu Xing Si: Yuan Qi] English Subbed Full Episode
GenreAnime Chinese Anime
PublisherTop 1 IQ
Duration23 Min Per Episode
RatePG-07 - Teens 07 Or Older
TypeONA (Chinese)
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Information About Anime Blader Soul [Bu Xing Si: Yuan Qi] English Subbed Full Episode


Synopsis: A Tale of Chaos and Destiny

Blader Soul takes place in a tumultuous era following the fall of the Qin Dynasty and the rise of the Han Dynasty. The land lies in ruins, awaiting restoration, while scholars retreat and powerful clans vie for dominance. In this chaotic struggle, the weak and strong clash, but it is through unity and cooperation that true leaders and ministers emerge.
Extraordinary gifts are bestowed by the divine mandate, originating from celestial stars and transcending the balance of yin and yang. Those who embrace stillness follow the path of the heavens, calming conflicts with patience. On the other hand, those who embrace motion are blessed with thunderous speed and divine favor.
The series delves into the essence of strategic planning and the emergence of extraordinary individuals as celestial stars descend to the mortal realm. Loyalty faces personal tribulations while deceitful actions bring calamity to the nation. Amidst the facade of righteousness, deception lurks, preventing true servitude. Those who deviate from the established path will witness the redistribution of power throughout the world.

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