Zombie Shooting D-Day2 v1.1.8 MOD APK (Menu: Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Ammo)

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NameZombie Shooting D-Day2 v1.1.8 MOD APK (Menu: Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Ammo)

App NameZombie Shooting : D-Day2
PublisherTop 1 IQ
Latest Version1.1.8
RequiresAndroid 7 +
Content RatingRate For 5 +
MOD InfoMenu: Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Ammo
Original APKGoogle Play
VerifiedLink Mod Safe Verified

About Zombie Shooting D-Day2 v1.1.8 MOD APK (Menu: Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Ammo)

Zombie Shooting : D-Day2

The most compelling hunting and sniper game with a zombie theme may be Zombie Hunter D-Day2 Mod APK.

Suppose you wake up one day to discover that the virus has created a global pandemic, and you are the only survivor. As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll have to co-exist with a horde of carnivorous Zombies. They grow and multiply in size and population with each passing second. When you start playing Zombie Hunter D-Day2, this scary situation will be in front of your eyes. It’s time to fight for your survival, so arm yourself with courage, stay calm and face all the difficulties ahead.

Zombie Hunter D-Day2


The game “Zombie Hunter D-Day2” has been announced as the upcoming sequel to the previously released Zombie Hunter D-Day. At the story’s beginning, a virus pandemic spreads across the globe at a terrifying speed, turning humans into mindless, carnivorous monsters. All the people who had caught the epidemic went crazy and wished to be able to take away the living brains of the rest. However, a miracle happened when the game’s main character did not catch the disease after the terrible spread.

Zombie Hunter D-Day2

Faced with all the people around him becoming zombies, the game’s main character must defend himself against the zombies until reinforcements arrive. To accomplish this, he will use a gun with a continuous firing mechanism to wipe out the oncoming zombie hordes. Let’s see if our main character can survive these carnivorous zombies using modern weapons.


To give players the best possible experience, the game’s developers have added and improved the exciting combat mechanics from the previous game. Every time you have to fight against a swarm of zombies, the game will make you feel like you’re about to faint. Players must be extremely focused because losing focus for a second will cause the game to end immediately due to the attack like a storm of zombies. The fact that the zombies do not work on their own makes it even more difficult to kill them, which is one of the reasons why the game is so difficult. The zombies know they can easily capture and destroy you when they gather in large numbers.

Zombie Hunter D-Day2
The strategy of zombies will be straightforward when at the same time, there will be dozens of them rushing to you each time you pull up. If you waste time, you will be issued a ticket to “play again.”


Despite the harsh challenges the game presents to its players—no food or drink and inability to sleep at night—, the game equips you with various weapons. It can be said that weapons will be one of the most important means of deciding your life and death. The arsenal in Zombie Hunter D-Day2 is extremely diverse in terms of the number of guns and types of weapons available to you. Many different genres can be rifles, automatic guns, submachine guns, or any other handgun form. Other auxiliary weapons can greatly increase the destruction. Two common examples are bombs and mines. To win, you must eliminate as many zombies as possible while maximizing the unique abilities of each weapon.

Zombie Hunter D-Day2

It would be best if you focused on discovering the zombie’s weak points, such as its head and chest. Focus your fire on one or a few key points to eliminate the whole group. Killing zombies is simple when you use their weaknesses to your advantage. Once a specific number of Zombies have been destroyed, the player can acquire new weapons. As an added benefit, you can increase the destructive power of your weapons by combining and upgrading them to higher levels.

Zombie Hunter D-Day2


To advance to the next level, you must fight a powerful boss at the end of each stage. You must complete these conditions before progressing to a higher level. They may be alone, but don’t underestimate the power of this monster. Please bring all your forces into your arsenal, from handguns to bombs and mines, and use them against him.

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The most compelling hunting and sniper game with a zombie theme may be Zombie Hunter D-Day2 Mod APK.

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Ammo

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