Hitman: Blood Money — Reprisal v1.1RC14 APK (Full Game)

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NameHitman: Blood Money — Reprisal v1.1RC14 APK (Full Game)

App NameHitman: Blood Money — Reprisal
PublisherTop 1 IQ
Size3.06 GB
Latest Version1.1RC14
RequiresAndroid 7 +
Content RatingRate For 5 +
MOD InfoFull Game
Original APKGoogle Play
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About Hitman: Blood Money — Reprisal v1.1RC14 APK (Full Game)

Hitman: Blood Money — Reprisal

Step into Agent 47’s world of stealth and strategy in Hitman: Blood Money — Reprisal APK an elite thriller.

This hitman game can be considered a role-playing game as it allows us to transform into a top assassin doing important assigned tasks. This is probably a game I’ve always wanted to play because, in the past, I used to watch a lot of movies about assassins, and those movies always made me feel excited every time I watched them. I don’t know when I had these rather distorted thoughts about whether I had the ability to kill someone without thinking like that and even what it would feel like. This game has really helped me release those thoughts because I can do those things myself in the game.


Because it is a game specializing in assassination and solving wanted subjects, the game’s system also provides us with many tools to complete the mission. The game allows us to use any weapon the game provides as long as we still align with the mission’s conditions. I never thought I would be able to master so many weapons in real life, which is why I like playing this game more and more. Here, you will experience using primitive weapons like bows to deadly weapons like sniper rifles and even bazookas.

  • Upgradable Firepower: The game will provide you with an extremely large arsenal of weapons so you can freely choose and use them for your assassination purposes.
  • Stealthy Elimination: Because you are an assassin, the game also understands that staying hidden and remaining silent is quite important. You will be provided with weapons equipped with silencers to hide your presence once you kill the target.
  • Rewarding Clean Hits: The game will have rewards for players to motivate them. Here, it’s about making quick kills.


This is a target assassination game, so your job is to assassinate all the important characters of the opposing side. Although the game will tell you who the target is, the most important thing is that you must take advantage of your instincts, including judgment and reflexes, because there will be situations where the target impersonates you. Become someone else, or the target starts to flee, forcing you to make quick decisions and act immediately so the enemy doesn’t have a chance to escape.

  • Highlighted Situational Awareness: There will be some objects highlighted by the game so you can easily identify which targets need to be destroyed.
  • Professional Assassinations: The important thing about this game is that it really makes me feel like I am a professional and notorious assassin.


In a movie, the assassins would have support people behind them to provide weapons and also plan and provide information about the enemy to the assassin. The most important information I have to mention is information about the building structure or the enemy’s habits. To make this game more similar to what we see in movies, the game also provides us with a few support tools; the most typical example is the radar map that allows us to locate enemies at their location where and whether their behavior will be abnormal or exactly as the system predicts.

  • Situational Minimap: The map in the game will not be a static map like many other games but a dynamic map that always updates the enemy’s location for us.
  • Staying One Step Ahead: Because the game provides us with many tools to assist in assassination, each of our steps will be planned in advance to help us stay 1 step ahead of the enemy.


I used to think that a game specializing in assassinations like Hitman would require us a lot to control and perform assassinations with a series of buttons, but I was wrong. Although the game specializes in hitting targets, the mechanics and how we control the characters are very easy. What I need to do in this game is to sit still and wait for the target to appear and then assassinate them or move according to the target so as not to lose track; it’s not as complicated as I thought.

  • Tailored Touchscreen: You will always be able to customize the position of the control buttons when playing games to ensure your control is as smooth as possible.
  • Console-Style Gamepads: Although it is a phone game, you can still connect to a controller or computer wirelessly.

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Step into Agent 47’s world of stealth and strategy in Hitman: Blood Money — Reprisal APK an elite thriller.

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