CSGO Mobile v3.8 APK (Full Version/Latest)

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NameCSGO Mobile v3.8 APK (Full Version/Latest)

App NameCSGO Mobile
PublisherTop 1 IQ
Size1.9 GB
Latest Version3.8
RequiresAndroid 7 +
Content RatingRate For 5 +
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Original APKGoogle Play
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About CSGO Mobile v3.8 APK (Full Version/Latest)

CSGO Mobile

CSGO Mobile is an innovative mobile FPS playground with an intense and fierce atmosphere for action-packed fans. It’s also an excellent choice for players to enjoy with friends in endless gameplay potentials and competitiveness that emphasizes teamwork.

Counter Strike – Global Offensive has been around for almost a decade globally and received rave reviews for its classic gameplay but with loads of hidden potential. Its main content revolves around the fierce battles between Counter-Terrorist and Terrorists in dozens of meticulously designed and invigorated maps. Best of all, it has a separate mobile version, with extensive customization and sophisticated systems for anyone to perform professional techniques or tactical maneuvers.


CS:GO has simple yet complex gameplay mechanics or features for players to get the most out of any strategy or play style. First, it has a bold classic style when its primary mode is CT vs. T in large maps with a separate weapon procurement system in each round. However, it has many impressive improvements, constantly introducing funny and exciting game modes to change the pace or the player’s experience.

Above all, the competitive mode is essential and most appreciated by many players as it splits ten people into two teams and makes them fight each other. In this mode, each individual’s seriousness in the atmosphere is raised to the maximum, and everyone must interact with each other via radio or voice chat system to win. Moreover, each match is vital in coordinating with teammates or taking advantage of economics to have many advantages over the opponent.


The new port for the mobile platform will feature a refreshed control mechanism, enough to give players the most stimulating and smooth experience compared to PC. It doesn’t have any aim assist or compound function, making the gameplay challenging and making everyone practice aiming skills. Above all, every movement and interaction with the environment is delicate and fluid to maximize everyone’s combat performance.

Players can freely customize the control system to their likings, such as the interface or additional features in each control. Thanks to that flexible customization, players can comfortably enjoy two-thumb without any inferior feeling to claw-style. Fortunately, the game will still support more virtual aims for items like grenades or more, making every match more competitive.


Although CS:GO is now ported to the mobile platform, its graphics are still top-notch when it uses the Source Engine to perfection in every detail. Everything is sketched with vivid and vibrant 3D features, combined with perfect lighting effects to replicate the iconic graphics and visuals of the original games. Moreover, the weapons are also meticulously designed and create an absolute realism for every players’ movements.

In addition to those features, the game’s environment is designed to be interactive and apply a lot of physics. It is also something that the developer is proud of when every gesture or action of the character affects the environment, creating many factors such as footsteps, weapon swap, and more for a more tactical experience. Meanwhile, the player’s interaction with the environment is destructible, creating many advantages when attacking or defending in many situations.


CS:GO has become so popular and widely accepted because of its large and prosperous community of players. They get together and make the most of the Source Engine to create a variety of innovative game modes in its dedicated servers linked to the main game. In other words, besides the official game modes, its additional game modes are endless and have a lot of entertainment potential for everyone to enjoy.

Besides the game modes, the change in the mechanics or the interaction with the environment is also completely different. That also includes new weapons, items, and gear to make things more fun than the intense gameplay in official game modes. However, reward systems or stats will be disabled in these places, making up for the entertainment and potential of an action shooter gameplay.


The game will introduce more battle passes as an extra activity for players to challenge themselves and get rich rewards. That includes character skins, weapons, and many other rare items that make the community buzz when constantly trading or showing off. Meanwhile, the hierarchy of every player is represented by their rank in competitive mode, and the rewards each rank brings are decadent and precious.

CS:GO is a globally known game, and there are few novel changes in gameplay where each element is essential and has a great impact. However, the mobile version has impressive features, including graphics, control mechanisms, and systems for players to experience or entertain with friends through compact yet in-depth gameplay. On top of that, the buzz in its community is also a potential experience if people are looking for the innovative rather than the competition.


  • Innovative mobile FPS with serious game modes and in-depth gameplay.
  • Interactive environment for a realistic and tactical experience.
  • Open-source engine for players introduces countless game modes, factors, features, and revolutions.
  • Absolute hierarchy from the ranking system with tremendous rewards and privileges.
  • An excellent and intoxicating combination of classical and modern action-packed gameplay essences.

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