Star Traders: Frontiers v3.3.95 APK + OBB (Full Game)

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NameStar Traders: Frontiers v3.3.95 APK + OBB (Full Game)
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Icon AppStar Traders: Frontiers
App NameStar Traders: Frontiers
Publisher Trese Brothers
Genre Role Playing
Latest Version3.3.95
MOD InfoPAID/Patched
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[Realistic images in the game 1]Star Traders: FrontiersStar Traders: FrontiersStar Traders: FrontiersStar Traders: FrontiersStar Traders: Frontiers About Star Traders: Frontiers v3.3.95 APK + OBB (Full Game)Star Traders: Frontiers is an action role-playing strategy game developed by Trese Brothers – a brand-specific developer about the far future space universe. The game is designed with a sci-fi theme, where you will enjoy the feeling of a vast, vast universe. With an engaging storyline, engaging gameplay, and especially the appearance of many new features, it’s enough for you to create your own cosmic story.Star Traders: FrontiersStar Traders: Frontiers is set in a vast galaxy with many dangerous, hostile forces. Mainly this place is being irritated by internal war and other invasion plots. You will be transformed into a captain on a spaceship, taking an essential role in command of everything happening in your ship. In addition, to win life, you have to try more than 26 different jobs, such as becoming a pirate, smuggler, bounty hunter, and more.Not only that, but the game also opens for you countless bitter wars with waves of aliens and other dark forces. You will discover new planets through an endless galaxy map, interacting with many new characters. Unlike different types of role-playing games, how the plot plays out is up to you; The decision to cooperate or become an enemy or change the face of politics and economics is within your control.Star Traders: FrontiersComing to Star Traders: Frontiers version also takes care of customizing the spaceship to become the most advanced. The game provides you with more than 350 offers and 45 hulls designed differently and features entirely your own. You can change your spaceship in terms of shape, color, and features at any time. In addition to customizing the spacecraft, you are allowed to adjust your crew members, including skills and accompanying equipment.Because you are a captain, you can set the direction for your crew by opening the classroom. These characters develop in the order that you have predetermined. You can make them more flexible and intelligent when looting other spaceships or become bloodthirsty and fearless when fighting directly with hostile forces. In addition to training in attack skills, these crews also have extreme resilience.Star Traders: FrontiersStar Traders: Frontiers also offers you unlimited trades known as Star Traders Borders to develop your financial resources further. First, make small trades in the crystals you have come across. Look carefully at the fuel you plan to buy and sell to another planet, and these fuels can be clothing or weapons. The money you earn will be used to unlock more spaceship parts.Not only that, but you also have to search and decode the Intel profile types. This file will help you find the spy on your ship. This is especially meaningful when you can get a full grasp of the behavior and background of each spy. In addition, you can also use technical equipment to scan, but in return, it is pretty expensive. If you want to earn extra money, you can also put these spies for sale.Star Traders: FrontiersSuppose you are already too dull to play with simple levels. You can try more difficult options yourself. Play with save slots to discover more unique storylines. In addition, you can also unlock achievements after completing all the assigned missions in the story mode. Unlocking this achievement earns you additional optional content, such as new spaceships or interacting with more characters.The game is not only highly appreciated for its diverse content and gameplay, but it is also praised for its visual quality. With 3D graphic design, each character, equipment, or scene is described realistically, hard to take your eyes off. It also perfectly combines with sound effects, creating an eloquent atmosphere, adding a dramatic nature to the battles. And there are countless other outstanding special features.Star Traders: FrontiersStar Traders: Frontiers is one of the highly successful sci-fi RPGs. With this version, players will enjoy more elements that have just been updated, such as Radi-Pulse and Void-Pulse Boosters ingredients 2 and 3, new component upgrades, discovery cards, and much more. With careful refinement in terms of content and features, the game is the choice that you should into once in your life.You are now ready to download Star Traders: Frontiers for free. Here are some notes:


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