Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike v5.4.5 MOD APK (Mega Mod)

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NamePixel Combat: Zombies Strike v5.4.5 MOD APK (Mega Mod)
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Icon AppPixel Combat: Zombies Strike
App NamePixel Combat
Publisher GS Games Studio
Genre Action
Latest Version5.4.5
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[Realistic images in the game 1]Pixel Combat: Zombies StrikePixel Combat: Zombies StrikePixel Combat: Zombies StrikePixel Combat: Zombies Strike About Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike v5.4.5 MOD APK (Mega Mod)Pixel Combat is a fiery action blockbuster with top-notch shooting. Players are overwhelmed with the makeover of legendary characters. Conquer all challenges and build a mysterious time machine to bring back to the beautiful world.Vibrant attacks and aggressive zombie monsters constantly appear in Pixel Combat. Surely players will be overwhelmed with the top-notch gunplay in this city. The zombies are aggressive and show strange behavior when they attack the city hard. And now they will pay for what they did in this happy land. You will be the influential person in this game; get up to expose that abomination. Use every gun to fight all of them.People in the city live peacefully and create a great life for themselves. The breakdown of the time machine, on the other hand, brought the wicked zombies back to the city in an unexpected manner. The people were completely perplexed by the damage and progress that they witnessed. More precisely, the city is in desperate need of a leader who is both capable and courageous enough to take part in the fight.They are elements that multiply over time, so we need to mobilize forces to deal with them. Those living ghosts have only one way to make them die: to use guns to attack. They are bloodthirsty, and they defy all despicable means to attack us to the end. But we have prepared all the weapons, support equipment, and powerful forces to be able to participate in the battle in Pixel Combat.We now need to mobilize all the forces, all the people in the city, to fight with you. The game will provide each person with a modern gun capable of continuous bombardment so that people can withstand that strong wave. Teamwork is one of the great rules that make history in Pixel Combat. The ability to use guns of the people, you need to guide enthusiastically to create the strength of the army.Check all the alleys in the city to get the complete plan. The game provides you with exciting maps capable of accurately locating evil zombies. The green streaks will represent our army, and the red streaks will represent the zombies. Please stick to the map and follow the tracks, going into each house to shoot them. Use extra sensitivity to spot zombies near you.Players need to prepare a reloading stance ready to fight all the zombies. More specifically, they must be able to aim and shoot at all ranges to create a passive position for them. Drive them to the same wall and perform powerful gunfights. The bloody shooting phases that will take place in Pixel Combat make you overwhelmed with your talent. How many objects can you shoot? There will be a tracking and marking game.Must fight vigorously and combine with searching for surrounding treasures to restore the Pixel Combat’s time machine quickly. Perform special quests to get the unique universal key. Shoot to death those who intend to stand in your way and force them to track down for you. Especially when the time machine is restored, you will safely return to a happy life.Pixel Combat: Zombies StrikeYou are now ready to download Pixel Combat for free. Here are some notes:


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