Judgment Day v1.9.9 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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NameJudgment Day v1.9.9 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)
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Icon AppJudgment Day: Angel of God. Heaven or Hell?
App NameJudgment Day
Publisher Matchingham Games
Genre Simulation
Latest Version1.9.9
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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[Realistic images in the game 1]Judgment Day: Angel of God. Heaven or Hell?Judgment Day: Angel of God. Heaven or Hell?Judgment Day: Angel of God. Heaven or Hell?Judgment Day: Angel of God. Heaven or Hell? About Judgment Day v1.9.9 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)Judgment Day is a game where players learn characters’ stories to take them to heaven and banish them to hell. You will find the basis to decide, and sometimes, there will be some stories that will make you think. At the same time, you will be able to unlock many impressive bonuses, and some of them will help you pass the level more quickly. So, this will be an exciting entertainment game that you should experience.When you experience Judgment Day, you will appear in a special place close to heaven’s gate where the sins of the dead will be condemned. From there, you are the one who will decide whether they will continue to live in heaven or be punished in the hot hell. You will learn information about the characters that appear before your eyes, and this work will sometimes make you think when making your difficult decisions.The interface of this game is straightforward when you will see the character appear, and the two sides are hell or heaven. The information you will need to read will gradually appear to make judgments about this person. At the same time, after the actions in their lives are over, then you will drag the character to the place you want them to belong to. Of course, there will be many interesting cases that you will face when experiencing this game.The critical point for you to make your decisions on Judgment Day is based on the activities they cause. You won’t be able to skip these essential pieces of information, and below them, there’s a slider. Specifically, this slider will have an arrow pointing in the middle, and you are the one to adjust it. You will decide whether it is a good or bad action and when you complete it, the next activity will appear.When all activities have been evaluated, you will see a bad or good score corresponding to the two places the character can go. You can push them to the side where their activity is tilted most of the time without overthinking. The interesting point that this game brings is that players will sometimes have confusion in making choices after considering a person’s activities. So you can use the overall rating you perceive to make your choice.As mentioned above, you will find many different levels in Judgment Day, and each has its own story of good and bad that you can easily read. You will discover levels with various difficulties, and sometimes there will be some extraordinary levels. In addition, you will see a progress bar above each character corresponding to the number of stages you have completed. When you complete it, then a new section will appear before your eyes.You can unlock many angels with different shapes and a resource in the shape of an angel ring with them. One of the uses that it brings is that you will be able to choose when interacting with some characters. Precisely, you won’t judge the stories of some characters but will learn them through their words to find anomalies. You will find a way to make them worry about their lies when the game gives you many response options. In it, there will be an option to use resources.You are now ready to download Judgment Day for free. Here are some notes:


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