Homescapes v6.8.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Stars)

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NameHomescapes v6.8.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Stars)
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Icon AppHomescapes
App NameHomescapes
Publisher Playrix
Genre Casual
Latest Version6.8.6
MOD InfoUnlimited Stars
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[Realistic images in the game 1]HomescapesHomescapesHomescapesHomescapesHomescapes About Homescapes v6.8.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Stars)Transform into a talented architect and redesign your home with Homescapes – A fun puzzle game. Your job is to clean up the mess and redesign your mansion by winning the puzzle rounds. You need to move, swap the positions of the icons with each other and make them disappear. Use upgrade functions to make your quest easier. Knock on the door of each room and renew your castle!HomescapesOh no! Why is your castle so messy? What the hell happened to it. You have to shake hands to clean up right away. Let’s start with the first room. What a large mansion, from the living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and even the garden. However, don’t worry. All the hard work will pay off. After passing the challenge, you will be able to design and decorate your castle yourself. The color gamut used in the game is mostly bright and eye-catching. It’s great.In each playroom, to clean up and buy more decorations for your room, you need to overcome the puzzle challenge. The puzzle is straightforward, and you just need to swap the positions of the cells to create 3 or more identical symbols in a row to make them disappear. This job is also helped by the system for new players or young people in the early levels.HomescapesWhen you arrange more and more of the same symbols in a line or block, you will receive the corresponding upgrade item. Use them to clear cells more easily. They will also help you in emergencies.Homescapes is suitable for all ages, especially kids older than 7 years old can play with the right time. Parents play with their children and can be integrated into lessons about cleaning the house, sweeping the house, and taking out the trash. Ask questions like “Why is the room so messy?”, “Can you help me rearrange it to make it more organized?”, “Very good. Please keep your room clean as you do in the game!”. This will help the child to be somewhat aware of his own habits.HomescapesAfter completing each challenge, players will be given extra money to buy decorative items for the room. The higher the score, the more money you will get. However, it will be limited. This is your chance to help your child demonstrate his ability to spend, whether to buy or need to save for the next round. It looks simple, but it’s actually a much-needed skill for your child. Depending on the age, let your child play for the right time, and incorporate your lessons into it.Just imagine, with the items available in the room, along with the money received after each challenge, you can show all your talents to create beautiful and creative rooms. Items are the same for all players, but creating a different room depends on your ability.HomescapesIt will be interesting when you and your mischievous cat roam around the castle and observe each character’s life in it. A miniature world is located right in Homescapes. Everyone has different preferences and layouts, making the castle so special. Maybe you will learn something interesting from the room of your friends. Connect more friends, so that you have more fun together.A series of new locations are added or edited in this update of Homescapes. Robbie and Melinda have a romantic festival, along with a new monumental fountain. The publisher, this time, seems to love romance. When the flower shop is also noticed, it appears with a new and more eye-catching image, an old flower shop restored. After a period of absence, the theater has been remodeled and reopened, serving the upcoming dance festival. The rewards are getting more and more attractive, divided by specific levels. They will only be available to those who deserve it.HomescapesVisit Homescapes, show your intellectual and aesthetic abilities, have fun with your children, and receive many valuable lessons.You are now ready to download Homescapes for free. Here are some notes:


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