Collection Of Books That Teach You How To Make Money Online For Beginners Free Download [.PDF], [.EPUB] - Top 1 IQ

Collection Of Books That Teach You How To Make Money Online For Beginners Free Download [.PDF], [.EPUB] - Top 1 IQ

(Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. Information that one learns will continue to be of help or benefit throughout one's life.....)

Collection Of Books That Teach You How To Make Money Online For Beginners, You Can Download It For Free To Read Anywhere - English Learning Books Free Download [.PDF], [.EPUB]

Instructions to make money online by creating a website and registering for Google Adsense

In this article, I share with you how many of you make a lot of money from writing or simply copying content online and then synthesizing ... editing, adding or subtracting sentences to register. adsense ads or many other ad networks. and then sell the website with that ad account.

To do this also does not need too much technical.

Currently on google, youtube you can type search with keywords (how to make a wordpress website or blogger), there are a lot of articles and video tutorials.

After watching about 1 to 2 videos briefly, you can make a blog with wordpress very simply.

Then you just need to write the content you love but also fully meet the policies of adsense so that later it is convenient to register for an adsense account.

To view the adsense policy you can read it in English here:

But the above I just said manually, so you can only earn some money.. because at most you can only do so from 1 to 5 web blogs, that's the maximum.. It's not easy to do too much.

Below, I will briefly guide you on how to make a large number of blogs to register and sell adsense accounts. Of course you need a decent amount of money to buy domain and vps or hosting.

Create a large number of bloggers to sign up for adsense?!

This is quite simple. You buy a large number of domains of about 100.. Whatever domain name is okay.. then collect many types of topics.. content and paste it on the web..

After each website has about 20 to 50 articles, start registering adsense and wait. Cost for Domain is: 10$/year and Hosting VPS is: 5$/month (can run many web) Profit for each new Google Adsense Website selling for >500$.

If your Adsense has pinpay (buying price of 1m) when registering the web, it will sell for about 300$/GA. That's too profitable, isn't it...

In general, skip 1 word to 5 cheats. There are many jobs to make money online, if you work hard to find the bad ones, I believe you will have a lot of good experience and a lot of money.

Above is a quick share on how to raise my GA.

If there are any mistakes, please ignore them :). Wish you success and make a lot of money.

The most detailed guide to shortening links to make money with Link1s in 2022

In this article, I will guide you to make money with in the most detail 2022, from how to shorten the link, from how to withdraw money and how to register for referral commissions.

If you are the first person to learn about how to make money with shortening links, then this article is for you. See all the details and you will understand immediately.

In this article, I will use as a guide for you.

First we will learn about this way of making money first. What is shortened link to make money? It is easy to understand that you have a long link, you shorten it and share it with others, when others go to that link and go to the original link, you have money :).

For example this: Original link: Confirm To Continue Redirecting Your Destination Link - Secure Link/ Link after passing shortened: If you visit the shortened link ( > go to the original link > you will get money.

Too simple, right? That's it, below I will introduce details as well as instructions to make money with

Please remember to read each detail carefully so that you do not have trouble in the process of using link1s to make money.

About Link1s, is a website to shorten links to make money born in 2018 (you can check the info domain), but has grown very strongly in 2020 until now (exist and develop stronger than 1). last year), has paid over 2000 withdrawal orders and has a lot of members.

There are many famous websites/bloggers about MMO making money online in the world that review Link1s page.

This site has a pretty large support group on facebook, the admin is super enthusiastic. So you can rest assured about the long-term reputation of Link1s that you use. Is a shortened site first in the world with features Ranking (ranking), earning method (method of making money). The best I've seen so far.

Advantages of Link1s. Payment: daily (fast in 24h to receive money). Minimum payment: 3$ (you only need 3$ to withdraw money). Various forms of payment: Momo, bank transfer (world), paypal, payeer...

There is a feature of Earning Method: The method of making money can choose to increase the rate of $ 5 / 1000view for less developed countries.

Features Ranking: Monthly hot money bonus rankings. Quick support: 24/24 via many social networks.

Instructions for registering a Link1s account To register for an account on, you can access this link or go to this link to register under your ref.

Click the Sign up button to register an account on Then you just need to fill in the information as required on the photo including, username, email, password or you can click log in with Google so you don't need to fill it out.

Fill in the information and check the box to accept Link1s terms So you have registered an account on Link1s extremely quickly and easily.

Instructions for shortening the link After you have successfully logged in to the website, click the New Shorten Link button... and paste the link to be shortened and click Shorten. It will shorten and shorten the link.

How to shorten a link on Link1s You just need to bring that link to share with everyone.

EARNING METHOD feature (method of making money) With this extremely cool feature, Link1s will help you increase your super high revenue, which can always be up to 5$/1000views for less developed countries.

Features Methods of making money on Link1s You have full freedom to configure the link you like to increase revenue for yourself.

There is extremely detailed English support. You can watch this video to learn more about this feature.

Each method will have a different price list (Payout Rates) Each method will have a different price list on Link1s Default.

The default format of the link that will output that ad type.

Level 1 Automatically all links into 2 steps.

Level 2 Automatically all links into 2 steps with pop-up ads.

Level 3 Automatically all links into 4 steps.

How to make money on Link1s Referral feature (Referral Commission) This feature helps you get commission when referring people, friends, participating in using Link1s.

You will get 20% lifetime commission. The commission is paid by Link1s exclusively to you.

Your subscribers will not lose anything.

To withdraw money on Link1s, you need to earn minimum withdrawal amount of 3$. Then you need to fill in the payment information correctly and completely so that Link1s can transfer money to you as quickly as possible.

This part is extremely important, please fill in the information correctly.

The information in Billing Address is for contact, not important.

Steps to fill in information to receive payment from Link1s First you go to Setting> Profile In the Withdrawal Method box you choose a method of receiving money, for example momo or bank...

In the Withdrawal Account box you need to fill in completely and exactly as the request that I have taken for you below.

Be sure to see the arrows below the photo. Extremely important information to receive payments on Link1s

After filling in the correct information, you just need to go to Payment and click the green Withdraw button and wait. You can check the status information in the status box.

Pending: Our payment is being checked by our team.

Approved (approved): Payment has been approved and is waiting to be sent.

Complete: Payment has been successfully sent to your payment account.

Canceled: Payment has been cancelled.

Return: Payment has been returned to your account.

Note: If the money is returned, it is because you fill in the wrong or incomplete information to receive the money, for example, when you receive momo, only the phone number will be returned to that account. At that time, fill in the correct information and then click withdraw.

How to withdraw money on Link1s That's it.

Just wait, the money will be back in 24 hours. Please do not contact us less than 3 days.

If it is more than 3 days and you have not received the money, there may be something wrong then please contact admin so that admin link1s can check and help you.

I usually withdraw money in the same day. Hope you get more views.

You can share the link on facebook, youtube, other social networks or websites and also earn a lot of those views.

In summary, I have detailed preliminary instructions on how to make money with Link1s for you to understand better.

You can shorten or recruit refs to make money. In 2022, I still find this form of making money quite good, especially this Link1s has many attractive features.

Make money online in 2022 with the business of MOD, edited versions of Android games

There are many jobs to make money online today from youtube, google adsense or facebook..

So right now you can make money with the business with games, android apps that have been modded by "hackers".

Although this is a form of money making is not recommended. But if I think it's ok, I'll share it with you guys. As for how, please continue reading.

You need to determine which games are the hottest today such as Free fire, Coalition, Bup G.. or Wild Rift Alliance...

Note: There are some game publishers that will not allow the sale of "hacked" versions, if you sell, you are responsible for the behavior, in this article I only introduce how some people make money. that i know.

They make billions of dollars by hacking, modding android games. And you can too if you know how.

This article is for reference only. Where can you get the source for selling hacks: Please, if you need, you can inbox me privately. You can be a youtuber, a facebook page or even a website if you can afford it.

Each hack you can profit from $ 1 to $ 10. That's quite an impressive number, isn't it?

If you have a youtube channel with many subscribers or a page with a lot of followers, why not try your hand at selling hack mods. I also believe that you will make a lot of money here.

The job I see a lot of Youtubers doing nowadays, as far as I know they have a huge income from selling mod hacks.

In addition, if you sell, you may die if the publisher detects and drops "sticks" into your youtube channel.

Hopefully you can make more money from this form.

You want to make money online at home in 2022 - 1Shorten Manage all websites shorten links to earn money to increase revenue to $ 10/1000view

Why do you say that when using 1Shorten you will get a rate increase of 10$/1000view (when shortening the link to make money)? It's as simple as this.

For example, if you use a shortened page, Link1s.1 ip to your link 1 day, you will get 3.0$/1000view. What if that ip a day they go to your link 3, 4 times?

For example, if you do a course, xxx, hack mod game... Then they (that ip) can visit your link 3, 4 times in a day (24h).

When you play with a shortened site, you only get 1 view, because most of the shortened sites now only count 1 view / ip / 24h only.

When you play 1Shorten, here for example you play 3 shortened sites. Every site is 3$/1000 views and calculates 1view/ip/24h. Then you set up 1 view and prioritize at 1Shorten. Then 1 ip to your link 3 times a day, 1Shorten will split each time you go to the link, it will go to another shortened web (this you can set up at 1Shoren)

Thus, you will get a maximum of 3 views per shortened site. The sum is 3 times multiplied by 3$/1000view.So 3x3 = 9$/1000view (for the 3 shortened sites you are playing).

Calculating more views at 1Shorten is $0.7/1000view (counting 2 views/day) is $1.4/1000view. So the rough calculation is 10.4$/1000view.

That's an unbelievable number. Why not use 1Shorten today =).

Share how to make money online 2022 with GoLike app

If you are unemployed, do not have a job or you are people who have a lot of free time and want to earn more money, you should not ignore this article.

This article Top 1 IQ will guide you through an extremely reputable money-making app as long as you have a Facebook account, Tik Tok, Shopee... you can earn a few hundred thousand, even a few million every day is normal.

PREPARATION First, you need to prepare a Smartphone, Facebook account, Tik Tok, Shopee... then download the GoLike app.

Here REGISTER ACCOUNT You proceed to open the GoLike app just installed, you click the Register button At the Registration interface: You fill in all information such as Full name, Username, Password and Referrer (this is also fine)

At the interface of the app, you select the item to make money. Here there are many ways for us to make money you can make money with Instagram Facebook, TikTok, Shopee and GoView accounts. If you have an account, we will make money with that account.

For example, if you have a Facebook account, click Make money now.

Then you click Go to the page to add an account. You click on the Copy box, then go to Facebook to write the article and paste the confirmation code and then click

Post After posting successfully, click on the 3 dots where the article has just been posted, select Copy link Then go back to the GoLike app and paste the link you just copied. Then click Confirm add account

Then there's the to-do list that we need to do

Step 1: Work - You can use the app or browser to open Facebook. Then click Like that post

Step 2: Get money - After liking the post, press Done, the money will be added to your account in a few minutes

So this article Top 1 IQ has guided you to make money through the GoLike app already. Good luck!!!

One more easiest way to make money online at home 2022

Making money is a need as well as a motivation for each of us. But you are tired of working hard for a whole month and still have no money left over.

Here, Top 1 IQ will show you ways to make money online at home, this way of working is extremely gentle that anyone can do.

Ways to make money at home Making videos for youtube You can make money on youtube by creating music videos, comedy clips, or vlogs that you have created to post on youtube.

When you upload a video to youtube and meet certain criteria and requirements, the video will be attached to Google Adsense, automatically the ads will be included in that video.

If the user watches your video and they click on the ad then automatically you will get the money.

Invest in real estate.

This is a job that requires you to have professional knowledge, the market, and need to be quick to information. You have a large amount of capital, but once you have grasped that real estate and start renting it, now it's just a matter of how to manage and make it profitable.

Do Streamer. Do you like to play games? If you love games, you can make money playing games. This sounds hard to believe, but it's true.

In the country and abroad, the Streamer profession is very popular, typically in our country there are Among the Assassins, the invincible Thanos and many other streamers.

They can make tens of millions of dong from playing games. when they have a lot of people know, and they have a certain fan base, they will create many videos to post on youtube and facebook. Thanks to that, they were able to make money from these 2 segments.

Embroidery at home.

This is also a suitable job for housewives. Just embroider pictures according to the available templates. The price is also quite expensive from $ 50 - 300%. This is a somewhat time-consuming job and requires ingenuity and meticulousness.

Sometimes this product takes 2-3 days.

Sell ​​snacks online.

This job is also not an easy job, because now there are many competitors as well as more and more online snack sellers, if you want to compete, you must know how to cook new dishes. strange, palatable and unique.

From there you will leave an impression and you can even create your own brand.

Revealing to you 8 ways to make money online without capital for students in 2022, sitting at home without going anywhere can make money.

At the present time, making money online is an option that many young people are interested in when they want to make money. Coming to this article, Top 1 IQ will introduce to you 8 ways to make money online without capital for students in 2022.

With the ways to make money below, young people can take advantage of their free time every day to earn a stable, even quite high, income.

I will briefly talk about these jobs to help you visualize and choose the right job based on your interests and strengths!

1. How to make money online - Content writing collaborators
For those of you who like to write and create content, writing content is one of the ways to make money online that is worth considering. In this job, you will write consulting articles, advertisements, ... for newspapers, stores or any company on their website or platforms like Facebook, Instagram.

The purpose of content writing is to produce content that solves problems and creates trust for customers and site readers. Thereby, helping to attract more readers as well as sell more products for businesses.

Some of the requirements that you need to be able to do well in this content writing job are: content creation ability, good writing skills, clear and coherent presentation of words, flexible use of words, ...

Besides, you also need to have a little more diligence, spend time researching information about the issue you will write to be able to provide readers with the best quality content.

You can find this job on websites; websites of companies; Or join groups specializing in making content at home on Facebook and follow recruitment posts to find the most suitable job for you.

In particular, large companies are also recruiting collaborators to write articles for their websites. Find somewhere far away, the body of those companies is near your home, if you find yourself suitable, apply now for the opportunity to participate in making money.

2. Blogging.

Blogging is also the best way to make money online for students. Blogging is similar to being a content writer, creating good articles that attract readers. However, with blogging you will create your own content for your blog and feel free to create it in your own way.

The requirement of this job is the ability to write standard SEO articles, especially you must have a deep understanding of the content you develop and know how to convey that content to readers.

You can start work by searching for standard SEO article writing materials and create your own blog on popular platforms like Blogger, WordPress.

3. Administration of Fanpage

Today, the Internet can be considered a very open market to reach customers everywhere in the world, so most businesses and companies own a Fanpage on popular platforms, typically Facebook.

That leads to the need for personnel to take care of managing their social networking sites and that is the job opportunity for you. This is one of the easiest ways to make money online at home.

You can search for this job through job postings on Fanpages or on job search websites. If you have a good understanding of the policies of social networking platforms or how to operate and develop Fanpage, this will be the right job for you.

4. Affiliate Marketing (Affiliate Marketing)

When using social networks, you will easily see people sharing links to sell products and services to solicit users. That's how affiliate marketing works.

In this job you will create accounts and links to market your own product on affiliate marketing networks and try to get it to reach as many potential customers of that product.

You can find this job at today's major marketing sites such as: Lazada, Shopee Affiliate, Accesstrade, Unica,...

As long as you are creative, attract, stimulate the action of viewers (click on the link, make a purchase, fill out the registration form, ...) then you can receive a commission from the product supplier. that's the product.

5. Dropshipping.

Dropshipping is a form of retail where you do not need to store goods but can still create yourself an "online store" with a variety of items. In a nutshell, when a customer buys a product, you get it from a third party and ship it directly to the customer.

From buying at a low price and selling at a higher price, you get a portion of the profit. The important thing in this job is to identify the product many people need and choose a reputable product supplier, at a reasonable price.

To be able to start dropshipping, you need to research, brainstorm and choose suitable and reputable products and suppliers.

In other countries, you can search for goods at e-commerce sites such as Tiki, Shopee, Lazada or source goods from Google, Facebook, ...

6. Make money with banks, e-wallets.

Currently, more and more online payment wallets appear, creating a very competitive market.

One of the popular ways to attract users of banks and e-wallets (Alibaba, Paypal, ...) is to create incentives when old customers invite new people to register.

To earn extra income with this job, you must first have an account of the payment wallet itself. Next, you will refer more people to join and enter your own referral code when signing up.

A small note is that not all businesses have such policies and campaigns may only run for a specific time!

7. Monetize Canva

Canva is a professional graphic and design support software. Recently, this software has become very popular thanks to its convenience. Users can choose from the templates available on Canva with a variety of styles and edit them to suit their individual needs.

If you are knowledgeable, passionate about graphics and have fresh creative ideas, you can completely create your own personalized designs and sell these products on the Canva platform. When people use your designs, you can get paid.

8. Create videos on Tiktok, Youtube.

The social network Tiktok or Youtube is certainly no stranger to today's young people. This is also a place to create many jobs for content creators who post videos and receive money from these platforms themselves. However, only qualified accounts can do that.

Specifically, the condition to turn on Tiktok's 'make money' mode is that you must have over 10,000 followers and 10,000 views in the last 30 days.

Youtube's is 1,000 subscribers and has 4,000 valid public watch hours in the past 12 months.

These are not easy things, but it is completely possible if you have creative video content that stimulates the tastes of viewers. In addition to income from Tiktok, Youtube, you can also pocket money through advertising for products.


I have introduced 8 ways to make money online without capital at home, hope you will choose for yourself a favorite job. Do not forget to remind you to carefully study the work you plan to do and be alert to today's sophisticated scams.

The above jobs are different in method, but they are similar in that to be able to start, you need to have yourself a good laptop or phone, invest in "'making money in the future'" it's never a loss right! Thank you very much for viewing the article.

In this article, I will share 100 websites to make money online for students, students to work at home for you.

The goal of this article is to save you time searching for websites to make money online in Vietnam and around the world.

All the latest ways to make money 2022 are fully updated and clearly explained for you to choose which way suits you best to get started.

Hot way to make money: You can join online earning courses. This is something anyone can do.

Earn money by typing Google captchas

The way to make money by typing Google captcha is real, everyone.

With the price from 1.3$->3$/1000 captcha can be handled. This captchas you have met at many websites and it is not difficult and very easy to give you a lot of time to make money. More importantly, this way of making money is not limited to the number, number of times and time is 24/24 you can do it at any time.

You can withdraw using Paypal, Bitcoin, Lietcoins and many other ways. If you find it difficult to withdraw money.

A simple way is to transfer money from your account through an intermediary account of someone reputable. Then they will pass it back to you.

Top websites to make money by taking surveys
Making money online survey is probably the simplest way to get started and anyone can do it, anytime, anywhere, just need a computer or smartphone with an internet connection. .

Tip: Visit the survey site and check your email every day so you don't miss any surveys.

Notice the following points:

After registration is complete, you must fully update your profile of personal information. Note that the update is epic, but not too honest, for example, if you don't have a smartphone, you have to credit it.
If you don't know a question, ask Google before answering.

Take the survey with more money first, do less money later because if you do it late, you won't be able to do it.

Pay attention to answer logically from beginning to end
The profile you write below, please answer correctly about your personal background

This is the most reputable online money making survey site in 2022 I have used for a long time, so I know very well how these sites are introduced to you.


Ipanel is the most attractive money-making survey site with the price of each survey from 1$ - 4$. Payment via Paypal at least 5$ withdraw anytime.

VinaResearch (With android app):

VinaResearch is the most prestigious survey site in the world and has the most surveys. The price of each survey is more than 3$. Payment by scratch card or by bank is at least $ 2.5, maximum conversion per month is $ 20.


InfoQ is a reputable survey site that you should participate in. Pay by scratch card or Bao Kim at least 2.5$. Unlimited number of redemptions.

ViewFruit (With app):

This site is quite reputable for many years and has many surveys. Price for each post from 0.5$-2$. Pay via Paypal when enough 2500 Points = 5$. Unlimited number of exchanges.

Top websites make money by shortening links.

Making money by shortening links is probably the 2nd easiest way, but it's stable and earns more money than making money surveys. Because when you share a link, you will have money forever if there is traffic. So the more links, the more money and unlimited accumulation.

To ensure stability and longevity, you should have a blog to list, arrange the sharing links in order and make it easy for people to find when needed.

And you just need to get the shortened link and blog address to share in any place possible such as Social networks, forums, youtube, comments on other blogs. When people already know that what you share is useful and exclusive, they will come to your blog when needed.


123link is considered to be the hottest link shortener today with a rate of 3$/1000k clicks in less developed countries and the lowest is more than 1.3$.

Support payment via Paypal, Bank transfer when you have enough 20$. Especially with multi-language support.


Ouo is the leading reputable and highly stable link shortening site. Rate is 1.5$ for least developed country and highest is 4.7$ for developed countries like Australia, English, US, Norway.

Pay via Paypal on the 1st and 15th of each month if you have enough 5$.


Afly is the oldest and most prestigious link shortening site in the world today. The highest rate in the least developed country is 1.5$ and goes up to 24$ if in the US, Germany, UK and Australia.

Payment via Paypal on the 1st of every month when enough 5$.


This site is also the leading reputation in the world, the rate in less developed countries is 1$ and in the US, UK, and Australia the highest is 14$.

Payment via Paypal on the 10th of every month when enough $ 5.


This site should only be played if you have good traffic from Greenland and Canada because the rate is up to 13$. Payment via Paypal every day at least 1$.

Top 10 websites to make money for Streamer.

Player Duo is a system that connects international gamers.

If you are a good gamer and have the gift of talking and guiding others, please register an account and join PlayDou now to make money with your passion for games.

Playing games today is not only entertaining or spending money, but also a very hot profession for many of you to increase your income every night.

You receive money from Donate or a game player who hires you to play with.

Top websites make money by affiliate marketing.

How to make money with affiliate marketing is hot in developed countries because of the increasing demand for online shopping.

This is considered a sustainable method of making money online if you have a blog and a stable loyal readership.

Popular ways to market such as blog sharing promotional codes, price comparison websites, product review blogs, product review videos, combined with running Facebook, Google and SEO ads or Email Marketing.


The world's leading marketing network with campaigns ranging from online shopping, travel, education, health and credit.


Reputable affiliate marketing platform that offers you a wide range of national and international campaigns. Campaigns are as diverse as AccessTrade's.


It is also a reputable affiliate marketing network with Online Shopping, Education, Health and Gaming campaigns. The highlight is the CPA campaigns.


Civi is a recent affiliate network behind other networks like AccessTrade or Masoffer.

However, Civi has a difference and specializes in specific products and services for each customer. Famous campaigns are about health, functional foods, education and services with high commissions.


Tima is the world's largest financial exchange, connecting people with lending and borrowing needs. Specializing in fast same-day loans, very convenient and fast.

You post as CTV Tima to share referral links to people who need to borrow money. You will receive a commission after that person signs a successful loan contract. The more referrals, the more money you make. Quite simple students, students or anyone can do.

These are quite effective at home making money.

Cryptocurrency Exchange:

Virtual currencies are famous like Bitcoin, BTC, Ethereum. There are many investors who want to buy and sell these virtual currencies. So your task is to simply register as a member of the virtual currency exchanges and get the referral link for those who are interested. You will receive a commission when the referred person has a virtual currency transaction.


Lazada is the number 1 online store in the world. So if you join long-term affiliate marketing specializing in shopping, it is very suitable for you to invest right now.


This is the DKT company that owns the famous sales software products Sapo and the leading sales web platform Bizweb.

Besides, there are two very hot advertising services, Google and Facebook. You can register to market these products, the commission is more than 20$ for Sapo and Bizweb, the remaining services are 1-3% of the contract value.


Amazon is the world's No. 1 shopping site, with diverse quality products and a huge customer base from all over the world, but mostly still in developed countries. If you like, then try the foreign market.


AliExpress is the world famous sales site of China Alibaba Group. The major market of this site is Russia, East Asian countries, West Asia and even less developed countries. You join the AccessTrade marketing network that supports this site.


CJ is the world's leading shopping and online services affiliate network. To successfully register a campaign you need to have a professional blog about specific niche marketing.


This is the marketing network for Product launch campaigns for digital products mainly. Network of the same type of Clickbank: is jvzoo, Warriorplus You can easily market users to create websites with Zyro.

Website sharing documents to make money

Is a community to share documents, ebooks, electronic textbooks in many fields.

If you have any document or form template that is valuable and necessary for certain audiences. Please upload and share at a cost-per-download.

The more shares you have, the more downloads you will earn without having to do anything.

Top websites for contextual advertising, CPC, CPM:

This is a way to make money for those who have a blog, website or forum with a large amount of traffic. You will place banner ads context (cost per click or CPM), Popup, by CPC (Cost per click) or CPM (Cost per impressions).

Currently, contextual advertising is hot and very suitable for overseas news sites because the ads are relevant to users, so the clickability is very high.

However, sites that are not suitable for context or CPC are Popup ads that are suitable for story and game sites.

Contextual ad network, CPC

Google Adsense:

Adsense advertising is definitely the first and best name as well as the top reputation for you to make money from blogs with great traffic.

This is a good contextual ad network that helps you to have a steady income from advertising. However, you need to comply with Google's regulations to avoid being locked out of your account.

If you have trouble registering, you can find reputable forums to buy a Google Adsense account for about $100 to $200.


Adnow is a prestigious contextual advertising network in the world and is investing heavily in the international market, with a multi-language interface, and support for foreigners.

Therefore, it is very suitable for sites where you run this type of advertising to increase income. Pay via Paypal at least 20$.


Mediavenus is also a reputable contextual advertising network from Russia. The ad network accepts traffic in more than 200 countries around the world. Especially, the CPC price is quite high up to $0.05. Support weekly payment via Paypal from 15$.


Payclick is also a premium contextual ad network from Singapore. The advantage is that advertising partners in more than 100 countries, beautiful, diverse and appropriate ads, so the click-through rate is quite high. Support payment via Paypal from 20$.


Mgid is the world's largest and leading reputable contextual advertising network. The network point is a variety of ads and a pretty format that attracts viewers with high clickability. Pay via Paypal at least 100$.

Popup ad network


Popcash is the world's leading Popup ad network today. Fast website browsing. Daily payment via Paypal from 10$ or more.


Popads is considered the best Popup advertising network today with a fairly high bid price of 4$ for 1000 visitors from the US as well as developed countries. You can choose the bid price yourself, customize the ads displayed according to your preferences to increase efficiency as well as avoid distracting users.

CPM ad network, eCPM

This is the leading eCPM ad network today with automatic bids that optimize the best price for you. Support traffic from all countries on website, mobile, software, game and social network. Various ad types such as Pop-under, video, direct link, mobile ads and banner. Minimum payment via Paypal is 100$.

Revenuehits: Revenuehits is also a reputable eCPM advertising network for many years and has many great partners in the world. Support Paypal payment from 20$ is withdrawable.

Top websites to make money with short-term training and learning courses.

Making money from training courses is the current trend and trend. Simply because the demand for online learning is high because of the need to expand knowledge, learning is very convenient and fast, the cost is also quite cheap. Therefore, teachers, trainers or experts in a certain field that you have had practical experience with, they will create video training courses from simple to advanced to re-train those who need them. learn this knowledge.


Edumall is Southeast Asia's leading online learning site with over 500 courses from 200 experts in a variety of fields. Where you can learn every skill in the future. If you want to study here, use this coupon to get 30% off all courses: -WSWLTI


Unica is an online training system, a portal connecting Experts with Students, operated by iNET Academy - Internet Marketing Academy with more than 100,000 students. If you are interested in learning at this site, you can use this coupon to get 40% off all unlimited courses.


Kyna is an online learning site with leading international experts with many courses in many different fields.

Top apps to make money online

MoMo E-Wallet is a Smartphone Application with more than 1 million users, providing customers with One Touch Payment experience with more than 100 convenient services, including Money Transfer, Payment Invoices, Buying Air Tickets, Movie Tickets, Collecting and Spending on Mobile...

In particular, MoMo owns a network of more than 5,000 financial transaction points spread across 45 provinces and cities across the country, allowing more than 3.5 million customers in remote areas where banking services and smartphones are still available. not yet popular, have access to financial services.

How to make money with MOMO:

You install the application and enter the promotion code Top1IQ and link it with a bank to pay something or buy a 0,5$ scratch card and you will receive 5$ in your account for next use. And you can take your phone number to refer other friends to receive money.


Is an application that allows you to shop with simple installments, borrow cash, buy high-discount scratch cards. Especially, the selling price of cashew products is much cheaper than the market, which helps you save quite a bit. Moreover, you can also earn money from referring friends to use this interesting application.

Please enter your referral code Top1IQ when installing the Akulaku app to receive a $5 voucher.


This application allows you to earn a lot of money every day from installing the application and using the application every day.

To increase your income higher you take your referral code to refer people to sign up. My referral code is: Top1IQ. After registering the App, please enter the referral code to receive 500 coins = 3 USD

Advertising Products using a Blog

In the Internet marketing industry, web logging is one of the most potent tools used by Internet marketers. Apart from the other avenues where advertising can be performed, web logging is seen as one of the most effective results-oriented advertising arms.

Web logging being it a self-made site where you can ad- vertise and promote products is also deemed as one of the most cost-effective marketing tools because it does not require a third party group for the web log to be made – the designs and the construction is actually capable of being made and created by the advertisers themselves. Now, as regards the contents that are placed onto the web log site, you may not need a content writer just so you can put something on it.

If you have the inclination to write any article, then you can use these as your own web log content. Should you want to optimize the presence of your web log site in the eye of the reader and the search engine, you can engage into blog pinging which allows every updates on your web log to be transmitted to the web server thus enabling your web log site to be potentially seen as frequently updated web log.

Web logs are potentially good platform where advertise- ments should be made because of the capacity of the web log to capture the potential clients in a pre-determined manner. For example, if you are targeting a specific range of age or a cluster of people you can do that by specifying the type of content that you place on the web log.

What are Blog Links for?

When you are about to create your web log, you should be thinking about how you can earn and establish a good reputation
– via good page ranking and generated traffic – so that links can start pouring onto your web log site. These links help a web log as it promotes confidence and trust from other web log sites.

Usually, when you create a web log, you immediately at- tract potential links from the blog links that we have on the Internet. Most popular of these blog links are the social sites like MySpace and Facebook, blog sites like Yahoo 360 and Xanga. Blog links happen when these sites see the potential of your web log based on the content that your web log has, the page rank that it has earned based on the analysis of the search engine, and the traffic that it is capable of generating. Traffic is earned because the web log readers or viewers find your web log stuff very interesting and appealing to them.

When you web log is able to attract more blog links, your web log is deemed as a trusted web log site thus will attract more and more potential advertisers on your web log. It is a known fact that when you have more advertisements on your web log, this spells more income to be generated. Therefore, blog links are as essential. Having said that, you, as a web logger must pay attention to some details on how you can increase your potential to attract and appeal to generally of these blog links.
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